~ Mother’s Embrace ~

Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 Extracts infused into Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Wildcrafted Balsam of Peru (El Salvador)
  • Grapefruit Essence (S. Africa)
  • Organic Lemongrass (S. Africa)
  • Organic Marjoram, Sweet (France)
  • Wildcrafted Rhododendron (Nepal)
  • Wildcrafted, CO2 Extract Spikenard (India)

Be embraced by mother’s bosom through the childhood fragrances of lemongrass, marjoram and rhododendron and grapefruit ~ Nourish your emotional body.

Docta’s Notes: Nurture is a very special blend that was born through the interest of my passion for essential oils. A guest from the Human Garage, our friend Whitney Easton came to experience the Wizard’s Den and learn more of our processes bringing wizard alchemy to the people. During our time together Whitney had a chance to play with our line of essential oil products and inquired how I design a blend – The answer? Let’s make a blend right NOW!

During this time, Balsam of Peru, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Sweet Marjoram, Rhododendron, Spikenard (CO2) were called forward. Her intention was to create something soothing that reduces stress or anxiety and offered a warm embrace. I selected each essential oil and later learned that citrus are of her favorite essential oils and Rhododendron was a scent that reminds her of her childhood growing at her grandmother’s home.

At one point, Spikenard strongly called out to me. Minutes later Whitney pointed out a bottle in a separate location and asked what this is? I laughed as I told her this one is a strong yes for her: CO2 Spikenard. This is a nervous system balancing blend that is a sweet, gentle botanical fragrance. Soothing, sweet-smelling & restorative, Nurture is like coming home to the sweet embrace ~ be Nurtured!

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5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL