Hailey’s Comet




~ Sensual Blast of Beauty ~

Ingredients – 100% pure & natural essential oils/CO2 Extracts infused into Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol

  • Organic Cinnamon Bark
  • Organic Coconut Pulp (CO2)
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Organic Ylang Ylang

Beginning as a potent CO2 extracted tincture of Coconut, Hailey’s Comet was birthed on earth. Sexy, sweet, tantalizing gush of cosmic vibrance. Sugar, Spice & everything Nice – great treat for late nights with new friends!

Docta’s Notes: After releasing a Coconut Pulp (CO2) tincture to Tiki being uninterested in the product outcome, new alchemy was developed from his creative spark. Hailey’s Comet was the product name co-opted and the final solution was a sexy burst of stimulating solution for the mouth. Firey, sensuous, hydrating and fresh, the essences come together to produce a delicious late night tincture. Wonderful to share at gatherings, turn on your friends to the magick of Hailey’s Comet!

Inspired by Tiki <3

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1 Dram, 15 mL, 30 mL

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