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Are you ready for Dr. Nick’s Essential Oil Wizardry Playshop?

If not, here’s some InVigor to liven up your senses!

“Ancient Healing Meets Modern Medicine”

Dr. Nick Berry, Pharm. D is passionate about healing through natural medicine and technology. Through his small botanical company, Essential Oil Wizardry, Dr. Nick travels the world searching for the finest botanical extracts on the planet. With over 200 organic / wildcrafted products, Dr. Nick’s company reflects the essence of a modern day apothecary. Using his botanical based pharmacopoeia, Dr. Nick develops therapeutic formulas, essential oil tinctures, botanical perfumes, ceremonial blends, massage oils, natural deodorant and magick misters. Formulas are artistically enhanced using crystal bowls, orgonite and ormus infused carrier oils.

Experience a whole new quality of essential oils with a whole new perspective at Dr. Nick’s Playshop ~ Here are two Essential Oil Wizardry Playshops to have a taste of our previous EOW playshops!

Los Angeles Facebook Event:
San Francisco Facebook Event:

Please note that our Peace Yoga will also be including an organic Cheri Rae kale salad to keep us high and uplifted for lunch! Our SF event will have an organic vegetarian potluck lunch breakplease be prepared to bring an item to enjoy & share to fill your bellies on-site and keep the energy contained during the event.


  • Welcome!
  • Morning Refreshments
  • Essential Oil Basics [Discussion]
  • Share & Experience Therapeutic Value of 10-20 Essences
  • Kava Dabs
  • Vitalizing Lunch ~ 1 Hour Organic Vegetarian Potluck & Chocolate Magick
  • Flossing Party
  • Wizard Alchemy Experience
  • Botanical Future Visions
  • Closing Hydrosol Ceremony

Each attendee will receive a free gift for their participation in the playshop. Product will be available for purchase at the breaks and conclusion of event. Special Packages & 20% Discounts will be offered and announced for attendees at the close of the workshop. We are offering the following pre-event admission packages/kits which offer reduced admission costs and increased product credit. This credit will offer even more value with the 20% discount applied at the end of the event and will offer quite a bit of bonus product for your deep immersion into the world of essential oils and botanical extracts!

Playshop Package Options

  • Admission Only ($119)
  • $222 Product Credit + (1) Admission for $333
  • $555 Product Credit + (1) Admission for $555 (BEST VALUE)
  • (4) Admission Tickets for Price of 3! ($357)

** Please note that all package sets offered at event will already include their discounts in their prices – In-Joy! **

Now check out this video of Dr. Nick being a silly docta with Choco-Nut, a Culinary Enhancement and Botanical Perfume!

Would LOVE to see you here ~ Sending Infinite Blessings
Docta Nick

Additional information

Location / Date

San Francisco (Aug 14th), Los Angeles (July 31st)

Package Deals

Admission Only, $222 Product + (1) Admission for $333, $555 Product + (1) Admission for $555, (4) Admission Tickets for Price of 3!